Hybrid Bluegrass


Thermal Blue is not just another grass.  In my opinion, the development of hybrid bluegrass is the greatest improvement made to turfgrass in this decade.  While Kentucky bluegrasses have been marginally successful in the Transition Zone, hybrid blues  have brought bluegrass back to be a major player.  Although there is a long way to go, they have made some significant strides.  Scotts was in the forefront of this development, and is continuing to improve on what they have already learned.  

What they have found is that hybrid bluegrasses like Thermal Blue have a much greater heat tolerance than Kentucky bluegrass.  It is also showing superior wear tolerance and the ability to fill in damaged areas.

What’s even more interesting is that when used in a mix with tall fescue at 10%, the cost per acre is about the same.  The reason for this is because you can sow the mix with Thermal Blue at a lower rate per acre.  Take a look at the attached Math Sheet.

During the summer of 2007, the University of Maryland added 3 hybrid blues to the Recommended List for use with tall fescue.  They are Thermal Blue, Thermal Blue Blaze and Dura Blue.  This was a very important step for Maryland sod farms.  It now made it legal for them to add up to 10% Thermal Blue, Thermal Blue Blaze or Dura Blue in their Maryland Certified Tall Fescue Mix.  The advantages are heat tolerance, resistance to damping off and a stronger root system for improved lifting at harvest.

We also make a bluegrass blend using Thermal Blue, Thermal Blue Blaze & Dura Blue.  It’s called Double Eagle Blend.  This blend creates a gorgeous looking turf.  See the photo below.

Check out the Scotts web site to learn more and the attached brochure.

Double Eagle Blend on a Maryland sod farm.

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